A Beginner’s Guide To The 11 Plus

Kent, Medway and Gravesend Edition

At Paro Tuition, we often get asked questions about the 11 plus and grammar schools so we thought we’d put together a simple but detailed guide for parents who would like to learn more. The guide is written with beginners in mind so we’ve tried to avoid too much technical jargon and tried to cover a broad range of topics that we frequently get asked about.

Since we’re based in Gravesend, we’ve put a particular emphasis on the Kent Test, Mayfield Grammar test and the Medway 11 plus test. To get the most out of the guide we suggest starting from Chapter 1 and reading through it in order.

Chapter 1: Introduction to the 11 Plus


We briefly cover the history of the 11 plus tests, grammar schools around the country and changes in the school system in England over the years.

Chapter 2: What’s in the 11 Plus Tests?


A look at the typical topics/subjects tested in the 11 plus with many examples of questions.

Chapter 3: The 11 Plus in Kent and Medway

Each region has slight differences in their test format so in this chapter we look specifically at the format of the Kent and Medway tests.

Chapter 4: Marks and Scores to Pass Kent & Medway Tests

In this chapter we try to simplify and explain the quite complicated scoring system used for the 11 plus and the scores needed to pass the Kent and Medway tests.

Chapter 5: Schools with Their Own Tests


Some schools, such as Mayfield Grammar, have their own entry test. Find out more about them in this chapter.

Chapter 6: If Your Child Doesn’t Pass the Tests

This chapter covers the appeal process for the Kent test and your options if your child doesn’t pass the tests.

Chapter 7: How to Prepare for the 11 Plus


An overview of some of the common ways to help prepare students for the 11 plus with advice on when you should start.

Chapter 8: Should Every Child Sit the 11 Plus?

Here we have a look a the suitability of students with different abilities for the 11 plus tests.