Kent 11+ Free English Worksheets

English Worksheets – Kent 11+ Test


If you’ve read our Kent 11+ Test guide (if you haven’t, click here to read it), you’ll know that English ability is a major part of the Kent Test, making up a third of the total marks available. Along with making up a lot of the marks available, students are required to achieve a passing standard in this paper.

As taken from our guide:

“Like the maths part of the 11+, the English tests (only from GL Assessment) are based on what your child has learned in the Key Stage 2 curriculum. However, the 11+ assumes a greater level of vocabulary, understanding and comprehension skills than standard Key Stage 2 assessments. It should also be noted that many of the comprehension questions will focus on inference which is the ability to work out answers based on clues from the text. This is sometimes called ‘reading between the lines.’

Three main types of questions are found in the English test:

  • Comprehension: To test comprehension, your child will be presented with one or two passages to read, and asked to answer questions about their understanding of the text. Both fiction and non-fiction texts can be used. Question types may include:
    • Standard comprehension – e.g. what happens, what a character is like, how a character is feeling
    • Meanings of words
    • Word types and techniques – e.g. parts of speech and literary techniques
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: Your child will be given a passage and asked to identify all errors. Multiple choice questions are used as well as questions where the correct sentence will need to be written.”

To give all students a helping hand, we’ve made one free worksheet for each section of the English paper. This covers all of the different question types that could come up! We’ve also included answers/explanations that can be downloaded separately.

Simply download the worksheets you’d like by visiting this page or by clicking on the button below. Make sure you remember to download the answers too! We’d also recommend reading through our free Kent 11+ guide here.