Kent 11+ Free Non-Verbal Reasoning Worksheets

Non-Verbal Reasoning Worksheets Download

Non-Verbal Reasoning Worksheets – Kent 11+ Test


If you’ve read our Kent 11+ Test guide (if you haven’t, click here to read it), you’ll know that non-verbal reasoning is a significant part of the Kent Test. These questions come up on the reasoning paper along with verbal reasoning and are designed to assess students’ pattern recognition skills.

Spatial reasoning is often included as part of non-verbal reasoning but to simplify things we’ve kept those particular questions separate from the seven traditional non-verbal reasoning question types seen on GL Assessment 11+ tests such as the Kent Test.

As taken from our guide:

Types of non-verbal reasoning questions can include:

  • Similarities and differences: find the figure that’s most like or most unlike other figures. This can include:
    • Odd one out
    • Find the figure like the first two or three
  • Pairs, series and grids: find the figure that completes a diagram. These can include:
    • Complete the pair
    • Complete the series
    • Complete the grid
  • Codes (GL Assessment): match letters to the figures they stand for. Questions can be either:
    • Horizontal code
    • Vertical code

Non-verbal reasoning isn’t necessarily something your child will be familiar with, so it’s a good idea to get plenty of practice in with these types of questions.

To give all students a helping hand, we’ve made one free worksheet for each non-verbal reasoning question type that could come up in the Kent 11+ Test. We’ve also included answers/explanations that can be downloaded separately.

Non-Verbal Reasoning Worksheets Download

Simply download the worksheets you’d like by visiting this page or by clicking on the button below. Make sure you remember to download the answers too! We’d also recommend reading through our free Kent 11+ guide here.