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Verbal Reasoning Worksheets – Kent 11+ Test


If you’ve read our Kent 11+ Test guide (if you haven’t, click here to read it), you’ll know that verbal reasoning is an important part of the Kent Test. These questions come up on the reasoning paper along with non-verbal reasoning and are designed to assess students’ vocabulary, spelling and logic.

As taken from our guide:

In verbal reasoning tests, your child will be asked questions about words (CEM) or words and numbers (GL Assessment). Verbal reasoning tests a child’s vocabulary, word knowledge and logic.

There are a variety of different types of verbal reasoning questions that may be asked. These are:

  • Spelling and grammar: recognise errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar in passages of text
  • Word meanings: compare words and understand their meanings. Types of word meanings questions can include:
    • Odd one out
    • Multiple meanings
    • Closest meaning
    • Opposite meaning
    • Reorder words to make a sentence
    • Word connections (GL Assessments only)
  • Completing passages (CEM only): complete a short passage by filling in the most sensible word or the missing letters
  • Comprehension (CEM only): answer questions about a passage of text to test the child’s comprehension. Question types include:
    • Standard comprehension
    • Language and word meanings
    • Logic
  • Making words (GL Assessment only): change words to make new words. Question types include:
    • Missing letters
    • Move a letter
    • Hidden words
    • Find the missing word
    • Use a rule to make a word
    • Compound words
    • Complete a word pair
  • Maths and sequences (GL Assessment only): basic maths skills and accurate counting. Question types include:
    • Complete the sum
    • Letter sequences
    • Number sequences
    • Related numbers
    • Letter-coded sums
  • Logic and coding (GL Assessment only): reading and interpreting information. Question types include:
    • Letter connections
    • Letter-word codes
    • Number-word codes
    • Explore the facts
    • Solve the riddle”

To give all students a helping hand, we’ve made one free worksheet for each of the 20+ verbal reasoning question types that could come up in the Kent 11+ Test! We’ve also included answers/explanations that can be downloaded separately.

Simply download the worksheets you’d like by visiting this page or by clicking on the button below. Make sure you remember to download the answers too! We’d also recommend reading through our free Kent 11+ guide here.

Have fun!